How We Got Here

In December of 2015, my BFF Lindsay and I wanted to make a change. We were tired of putting ourselves last, making ourselves small, and keeping quiet. So we went to staples and bought a giant post-it block and a fresh box of markers, and we started brainstorming.


For Her

In November 2016, we organized a benefit concert for Planned Parenthood. We raised over $1000 and had the best time. Stay tuned for more events in 2018!



We took a break at the end of 2017. Life caught up with us, new opportunities presented themselves, and priorities shifted. As we head into 2018, I wanted to make space for this again. Lindsay will be contributing when she can, but I'll be curating for now. I need to hear your stories, I love stories. They've saved me more times than I can count, and I feel like they're more necessary now than ever. I'm so excited to jump back in, I can't wait to learn and grow with you.