October Little Ladies

This month we asked Izzy about her favorite art supplies and projects. Check it out!

Natalie | What's your favorite art supply?

Izzy | I like my gel pens. And I have lots of colored pencils.

Natalie | What's your favorite kind of project to do?

Izzy | Origami.

Natalie | What's your favorite thing to fold?

Izzy | Birds.

Natalie | If you could have an unlimited stash of any art supply what would it be?

Izzy | Paper. I can make anything with paper, and I could draw.

Natalie | What do you want to practice more and get better at?

Izzy | Drawing.

Natalie | Why do you like creative projects and crafts?

Izzy | I like crafts because I can do lots of stuff. And you buy me different things like beads and popsicle sticks. And I like the rainbow string. It's fun for bracelets.