April Minis

This month we brought it back to the January minis with some mini interviews. We asked some of our friends: Deeanne, Seana, and Sierra; these questions.

You can have cocktails with any lady, living or dead. Who do you choose and why?

Deeanne | THE queen, Elizabeth II. Because cocktails with her would be twice as epic as tea.

Seana | My grandmother, Rose. She was a really strong and amazing woman, but she passed away when I was young so I didn't get the chance to appreciate her and her life experiences. I'd love to sit down to visit and get life advice from her.

Sierra | This is a really tough question, but I would probably say Sister Corita Kent. Corita Kent was an amazing artist who spread messages of love and peace during the 60's and 70's. She was very aware of what was happening in the world around and she used it to her advantage to create art with impactful messages about politics and consumerism with messages from strong spiritual backgrounds. She contributed so much more than just art to the world and I would love to hear what she would say about everything that is happening now.


Currently Loving:

Deeanne | I'm a nail polish lover who just discovered that you can put temporary tattoos on your nails. Lucky for me, I'm also a temporary tattoo lover! My nails are currently covered in OPI's "Don't Pretzel My Buttons" and I have pointy triangle arrow tattoo things on them.

Seana | I'm currently loving travel, which is out of character for me. I'm generally a homebody, but I am taking a couple weeks off over summer to explore. Physical item wise, I have a new denim jumpsuit that I'm trying to make an everyday wear. It's cute and comfy and I don't have to think about matching two pieces of clothing!

Sierra | Plants. My plant family has been growing and they each have names and are living and breathing beings. Call me crazy, but I acknowledge them whenever I am near them and I talk to them and I swear they grow even better!


What did you have for lunch today? What do you wish you had for lunch today?

Deeanne | I had a grilled cheese for lunch and I took it to the next level by using garlic butter from Costco. I wish that I had the same grilled cheese PLUS a Caesar salad and glass of milk.

Seana | Well, I'm work, so I had what catering set up: pasta bar, asparagus, and a kale salad! I wish I had the vegan Caesar salad from Sun Café!

Sierra | Today I had a burrito from a hole in the wall taco shop next to my mom's work. I really could have gone for a huevos rancheros rice bowl from The Sunny Spot in Venice though.


Currently Listening:

Deeanne | Surprise, surprise, it's a song, but not the kind you're thinking of. I'm currently listening to A Song of Ice and Fire book four, "A Feast For Crows". Thanks Audible!

Seana | Alina Baraz is my morning time music, but it's started to bleed into any time music because she has the most amazing voice.

Sierra | Holy Shit by Father John Misty. The whole album "I Love You Honeybear" is great, but that song holds a special place.


What's the one thing you can't leave home without?

Deeanne | Clothes... I mean, I could leave home without them, but should I? Society says, no I should not. Then there's Chapstick. It's necessary to my well being.

Seana | My planner! I hate using the calendar on my phone, so I have a small planner I always keep on me. It would be a sad day if I lost it!

Sierra | My rings. I feel naked without them. One of them was passed down from my dad's side of the family and one of the other's was passed down from my mom's side. They are special heirlooms that somehow only fit me, and I've worn them every day since they were given to me about seven or eight years ago.