February Minis

This month's MINIS are a little different. We wanted to hear how a variety of women answered the same question: What is the key to a long and fruitful relationship? So we asked women that we know from different decades.

31-40 | Liz (37): I don't know what I'm even talking about. What I know is that freedom and honesty are it. I like to feel free to be myself and I hate clingy, overbearing people. That's why I'm happy. I can do my shit and I know she'll still love me. She is so upfront and real, and we are always talking. I understand her, she understands me. Yeah, I love her. She's great.

41-50 | Iris (45): I was unhappy in my first marriage. We didn't want to accept each other. We hated things about each other. We stayed together because we were married and all that. Now with [my new boyfriend of four years] I see that I love him no matter his flaws. And he's not perfect. At all. He can make me insane, but still make me happy all at the same time.

71-80 | Dana (71): He wanted me way more than I wanted him. He would come into my work and visit me while my boyfriend would be there. It took so much convincing. He bothered me so much, but he won my heart. I am glad. It's nice to be loved. I had to give in.