January Minis

#MINIS are mini interviews that we'll be having with our contributors and other awesome ladies, and posting throughout the month. If you have a suggestion for a mini topic, send us an email! Lindsay and I answered this month's mini topics to kick off the launch of feMAIL. Here you go!

What did you have for lunch? What do you wish you had for lunch.

Lindsay: I had a chicken aioli sandwich, but I really wish I had gumbo from New Orleans.

Natalie: I had a late breakfast/early lunch meeting at work today and I had whole wheat, quinoa pancakes. But I've been craving a DIY pasta salad from Souplantation.

What song can you not stop singing?


Natalie: I keep checking Spotify for new songs to come off this album before the full thing is released at the end of the month. This is definitely one of my favorites so far.

Currently Loving

Lindsay: Probably Justin Bieber. Thank you Bianca haha. I've been texting everyone telling them that they have to listen to his album. (Natalie provided proof.)

Natalie: I'm totally into enamel pins right now. I spent way too much money on Etsy binge shopping for them. I put them all on one of my totes and then I took them all off and now they're sitting on my nightstand. I need to find somewhere creative to display them.