Little Ladies

Each month we're going to ask some of the little ladies in our lives what they think about that month's theme. This month we talked to Rosie, age 6.

Lindsay: Rosie what's your new year's resolution for this year?

Rosie: What's a new year's resolution? You mean like a goal? I  think I just want to ride horses really good.

Lindsay: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Rosie: I want to be a dog trainer and doctor. And for kitties too! And for all the animals! Because I love them all. Really.

Lindsay: Who is someone you look up to? Why?

Rosie: I look up to my mama because she's the best lady I know.

Lindsay: What's the best thing about being you?

Rosie: Well, that's easy. You know what... I'm nice. And people like me. And I love everyone. I seriously do.

Lindsay: What's the hardest thing about being six?

Rosie: I wish I could eat dessert all day. Like candies and cookies and brownies. A grown up can do that but they don't want to get fat.