Little Ladies

This month we talked to Izzy, age 7, about Valentine's Day. Heads up, she's shy.

Natalie: Did you hand out valentines at school?

Izzy: Yeah, I handed out candies with a pencil. They were Monster High and Marvel cause there's boys in my class.

Natalie: Did you have a valentine?

Izzy: What do you mean?

Natalie: Like did you have a special valentine?

Izzy: Zoe made handmade ones.

Natalie: What's your favorite thing about Valentine's Day?

Izzy: Cards.

Natalie: Cards over candy?

Izzy: Mhmm.


Izzy: In fourth grade you have to pick a boy to be your valentine, or they have to pick you. And me and Kelly said, "Oh no no no. We're never going to fourth grade."

| To which her dad responded, "You can pick a valentine when you're fifty." |