The Vegan Diaries: Day 5

feMAILs. We ate goooooood last night. Lindsay and I both had salads for lunch, and don't get us wrong, they were great. Lindsay was fine, but I was starving all day. I had a delicious salad called The Rick Ross at The Chimney Coffee House. Then for dinner, we met some friends at Tony's Darts Away.  They had incredible vegan snacks, so we ordered a bunch of appetizers. We had fried garbanzo beans with sea salt and lime, buffalo potato wedges with vegan ranch, vegan disco fries with gravy and daiya cheese, and cajun chips. Everything was so amazing and it totally hit the spot when we paired it with some Irish beers. Unfortunately we ate it all before we could get some pictures, but that just means you guys will have to try it out for yourself.