January Wellness

The Last Five Inches. | CAYLEE

Does that sound weird? Good.

In college I took an acroyoga class. What? Yes. You know... that trendy thing you see super cute couples doing on Instagram. Well I took a class and on the first day my professor said, "We are going to get familiar with the last five inches."

Essentially that's the space right before you hit the ground. It's where injury happens. Injury doesn't happen when you fly, but it sometimes happens when you fall. But in acroyoga you're going to fall...a lot... before you fly.

Great. Okay, so why don't I avoid falling and then I won't have to risk falling. Injury? Yeah, no, I'm good.

But this class was all about being in the air. It was about lifting yourself off the ground, sometimes upside down, and investing your trust entirely in another person. It came with incredible fear. Incredible risk. And when things went well...  Incredible beauty.

So the last five inches. The first two months. We fell. We'd practice throwing ourselves on the floor. We'd roll around. We'd run, jump, fall. With mats. Without mats. On top of wooden floors, on top of grass. Soon we engaged with people and they would push us to the sides. With full consent. With full awareness.  We'd learn to fall. I had bruises painting my skin. Bruises on my shoulders. Bruises on my knees, and stomach. They were beautiful. They were mine. I was learning to trust myself and others as I was learning to fall.

Soon I would have bodies on top of my feet. Soon I would have feet beneath my body. A delicate balance. An art. As I placed my body against another and we would invest our trust in one another to fly.

And with flying comes falling. Sometimes you hit the floor hard. Sometimes the ground is unforgiving. Your partner may not try to catch you as you're falling.

But to fly...

The intimacy. The trust. As we lifted each other up, as we engaged with only touch. And then we'd gently come back to the ground, safely. Always smiling.

You see. Acroyoga is exercise. It's incredible for the core. If you're basing you'll find yourself getting an incredible leg workout. But acroyoga, like yoga, is always more.

My professor taught us technique. He taught us safety. He taught us to fly.

But what acroyoga taught me is how to fall without fear.

I think too much. The fear of falling can stop me from doing things.

But with acroyoga,

I've fallen upside down. I've fallen backwards. Those last five inches have become my greatest friend.

And so,

I spent two months learning to fall, so when I did take a real actual, inevitable fall I wasn't afraid.

And I continue to fall because I believe it's a universal truth (deff not a nominalist. If any of you are philosophy nerds)

You're gonna fall in life.

One of my acting professors was talking to me and said, "Caylee, you don't walk into love, you don't stumble into love, you fall."

And falling is scary. You may hit the floor. You may get hurt. But like acroyoga, you gotta fall, sometimes a lot, if ya wanna fly

And spoiler alert: you really do wanna fly.


Let yourself fall this year. Let yourself hit the ground. Become friends with the last five inches. Trust yourself to fly and trust that others will hold you up.

It doesn't happen overnight, but I can go upside down on someone's feet knowing I may (and probably will) fall, and I still do it... and I'm afraid of like everything so you can probz do this too. I believe in you.



New Year, New Tea | NATALIE

How's the new year treating you feMAILs? We're almost through January, but we definitely wouldn't have made it without some good teas. This month we wanted to give you a little run down of the benefits of some teas, a few of our favorite brews, and a list of reasons you should count tea as your wingman when you start working through the new year.


Health Benefits

White Tea

  • least processed
  • least amount of caffeine
  • thought to protect against cancer

Green Tea

  • high in antioxidants
  • thought to protect against cancer, tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis
  • also may help burn fat, improve cholesterol levels, and aid in weight loss

Oolong Tea

  • thought to protect against tooth decay
  • also may help improve cholesterol levels

Black Tea

  • thought to protect against heart disease, stroke, neurodegenerative disease, diabetes, lung disease

Roobios Tea

  • thought to protect against cancer and neurodegenerative disease
  • also may help to stimulate the immune system, control cholesterol and control triglyceride levels

Herbal Tea

  • thought to protect against diabetes and other chronic diseases
  • can also help aid in other health issues depending on the type of herbs used

Teas For Your Mood

If you're trying to get to sleep, drink some Lavender Tea.

If you're stressed or anxious, drink some Chamomile Tea.

If you're restless, drink some Tart Cherry Tea.

If you need to wake up, drink some Black Tea or Chai.

If you're looking for emotional wellness, drink some Peppermint Tea.

If you're feeling depressed, drink some Lemongrass Tea.

If you need an energy boost, drink some Ginger Tea.

If you need a dash of happiness and positivity, drink some Indian Masala Chai.

If you're angry or frusrated, drink some Orange or Lemon Tea.

If you're exhausted, drink some Green Tea.

Natalie's Favorites

I'm a huge fan of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. On a hot day you can find me with a 32oz cup of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl (Green). It's brewed using these tightly wound Jasmine pearls that bloom open when they're steeped. It tastes like a cup of flowers and it's so refreshing. I also love their Spring Peach or Apricot Ceylon teas (both Black). They're not sweet, but still pack a flavorful punch. Unfortunately, there aren't any CBTL shops in New England, but I also love Republic of Tea. (Hint: If you ever order anything from them, or sign up for their mailing list, they send samples with their catalog!) They sell their teas in most grocery stores and they are all delicious. They have a great set of decaf teas that came in handy when I had to cut down on caffeine, and the also have a line of Hi-Caf Teas. They're super caffeinated for people who need an extra boost, but may not be fans of coffee. AND they also make tons of herbal teas for different moods, as well as different wellness teas for things like fat burning and detoxing. Some of my favorites brews of theirs are: Ginger Peach (Black), Blackberry Sage (Green), Toasted Coconut Black (Hi-Caf), Ginseng Peppermint (Herbal), and Hibiscus Vanilla Apple (Superflower Tea).


I also just bought a Camomile Lavender (Roobios) blend from Paromi that tastes amazing and really helps me get ready for bed if my mind is racing. I highly recommend it for restless sleepers.


Enjoy your brews feMAILs! Let us know what your favorites are and definitely check out your grocery store's tea section. 


XO nat