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Hey feMAILs! We're adding a post here to share some articles with you throughout the month. Emma's starting us off with some reads she's stashed away for a bad day. Enjoy!

Roxane Gay: By the Book 

Here is a short interview with one of my literary idols and feminist role models, Roxane Gay. She talks with the New York Times Book Review about everything from the books that are on her night stand right now to what she would require the current president to read ("...well, any book at all, because he does not give the impression he has ever read a book. I'd offer recommendations, but anything I might suggest is well beyond his reading level. Alas.") Definitely a must read!

When Can I Say I'll Be Alone Forever? 

This article by Aimée Lutkin is fabulously good. It brings up a topic that I believe we all need to think more about; singledom as a valid way of leading one's life. More people than ever decide to identify as permanently single, and this piece considers in-depth what it is like from the perspective of the single person when others show a lack of understanding regarding one's chosen identity. What to say in such situations, and what the forever single individual needs to do to move forward as a whole person.